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Expert Guest Post: Our expert Rekha tells us what she looks for in a resume.


We asked a few of our experts about their experiences with interviewing people and screening resumes. What makes a good resume and what are the things that will make a resume look bad. 

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Rekha Navani

She is a manager with Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment Ltd. handling business development and digital marketing.

Could you please give us a brief about what you do at your company?

We manage athletes in India, predominantly from Cricket, with respect to their brand endorsements and businesses.

Since how long have you been recruiting and how is your experience going through so many resumes?
A year now. Tedious I should say. We get sport fanatics from all over the country and to filter them and find a candidate with marketing and business caliber along with love for sports is extremely difficult. We need to filter out the potential candidates just by going through their resumes so it is very important to have a good resume to increase your chances of getting selected.

What is the first thing that stands out to you when you look at a resume?
Since my job is more interpersonal and needs excellent communication skills, Good English without grammatical errors is the first thing I notice.

What are the common things that people should stop doing with their resumes?
Should stop making it exhaustive. Indian tendency is that if we write more, it proves we have worked more or done more. This is a trend I have seen in a lot of resume and i guess this comes from our habit of writing really long essay answers in our exams to get more marks. But it doesn't work here. The resume has to be short, crisp and to the point.

What do you think an ideal resume should consist of? Any advice for job seekers, especially freshers?
- Career Objective, Education Qualifications and Work History
- Should highlight the important achievements
- Avoid writing paragraphs and stick to bullet points. This portrays that you are well organized
- Research on the company you are applying for

Does a badly made resume close all gates for a potential job seeker even though he/she is good?
Sometimes. Because even if the candidate is extremely hard working and efficient, the first short listing of the candidate is only on the basis of the resume. So if the resume is done well, it shows that the candidate has put in that effort to a make a good resume.

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