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Expert Guest Post: I believe that a resume is the first impression that a recruiter will have of the person.


We asked a few of our experts about their experiences with interviewing people and screening resumes. What makes a good resume and what are the things that will make a resume look bad.

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Dinil Kadeekal

He is a Sr. Product Manager with Ruby Seven Studios and has been in the gaming field for more than 10 years.

Could you please give us a brief about what you do at your company?

I am a Sr. Product Manager with Ruby Seven Studios and my primary responsibility is to ensure the games that I handle are profitable. I need to work with several verticals like art,dev, marketing, qa to ensure this happens.

Since how long have you been recruiting and how is your experience going through so many resumes?
I've been recruiting for the past 6+ years and must have gone through many 1000's of resumes as part of recruitment process. 
I believe that a resume is the first impression that a recruiter will have of the person.

What is the first thing that stands out to you when you look at a resume?
When you're looking for a certain position there will be certain keywords related to the position that you'll look forward to in a resume. These keywords help a resume to stand apart from the rest. Especially when you a lot of resumes to go through, you do not get a lot of time to go through all the details in a resume and you need to glance through the resume as quickly as possible so having the right keywords is always an advantage.

What are the common things that people should stop doing with their resumes?
Grammatical and spelling errors are the biggest mistakes anyone can do in a resume. Also it's better to showcase your core strength than showing that you're a jack of all trades.

What do you think an ideal resume should consist of? Any advice for job seekers, especially freshers?
As a fresher when you're applying for a post its good if you can show case studies that you've done corresponding to that or blogs/articles/sites that you follow regularly on that subject. This shows the recruiter that you're someone interested in the job position and well read about it too.
As for experienced people, as I mentioned earlier, make sure your resumes showcase your core strength and not show you as a jack of all trades. When you mention your job experience always try to show how you've made a difference to the company/product through your work.

Does a badly made resume close all gates for a potential job seeker even though he/she is good?
95% of the time a badly made resume gets overlooked as the recruiter will be looking at several resumes simultaneously. So it's imperative that you have a well made resume to create that first impression and pass the first hurdle of job hunting.


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