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Importance of having a winning resume



"Filtering resumes is more of an elimination than selection. A very well done resume might not help totally in getting the job you are looking for but a bad resume will definitely eliminates the chance. I would look at resume like a self pitch. The information presented in it should atleast create a chance for an interview"

-Sundeep Perisepalli, QA Project Manager, EA

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"Because even if the candidate is extremely hard working and efficient, the first short listing of the candidate is only on the basis of the resume. So if the resume is done well, it shows that the candidate has put in that effort to a make a good resume"

-Rekha Navani, Manager, Business Development and Digital Cornerstone Sport Pvt. Ltd.

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"95% of the time a badly made resume gets overlooked as the recruiter will be looking at several resumes simultaneously. So it's imperative that you have a well made resume to create that first impression and pass the first hurdle of job hunting."

-Dinil Kadeekal, Sr. Product Manager, Ruby Seven Studios

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Your resume is the first form of contact with your recruiter and it is important that your resume stands out, makes the best first impression to get you that interview call. 


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