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4 tips to make the most of a bad interview

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When preparing for a job interview, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Being ready for tough interview questions is only part of it. You’ll also need to pick out sharp outfit, have your not-too-weak but not-too-firm handshake nailed, and figure out how to stop your hands from getting clammy.

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It’s best not to spend all your pre-interview time thinking about yourself. Why? Because the biggest hurdle to clear in an interview can sometimes be the interviewers themselves.

Interviewing candidates requires particular skills and knowledge that not everyone in the organization will possess. Smaller companies in particular might not have the experience interviewing candidates or resources structure the interview process in a way that provides the best chance to sell yourself.

And that’s why you need to know how to stop interviewers’ mistakes from costing you a job. If you get stuck with a bad interviewer, here’s how you can steer the conversation in the right direction to show off your greatest qualities. (Click here to tweet this list.)

1. Don’t let them do all the talking

In between talking at length about the company, the role, the rest of the team and where you’ll fit in, you can start to feel like you’re listening to a speech rather than participating in an interview.

Make subtle signs you want to change the pace of the conversation. By uncrossing your legs and leaning in slightly, you can prompt the interviewer to give you your moment. If this doesn’t work, be prepared to chime in even if you aren’t explicitly asked a question. When the interviewer makes an interesting point about the company’s work, culture or goals, express interest and chime in how your own experience relates.

2. Be ready for generic questions

During an interview you should be looking for opportunities. Opportunities to demonstrate you possess the experience required by the role, the key skills needed to work efficiently, and the drive to continue learning and improving on the job.

A list of generic questions printed from the Internet on the morning of the interview won’t provide the same obvious opportunities as carefully considered questions composed by a capable and motivated hiring manager. But that doesn’t mean the opportunities aren’t there – you just have to look a little harder for them.


3. Don’t get flustered by riddles

Then there are the interviewers who ask riddles in the place of questions, such as how many ping pong balls fit into a 747. While most recruiters agree these kinds of questions are useless at finding the best candidate for the job, play along and answer the question as best you can.

Don’t let these questions faze you – just apply logic and return to why you’re a perfect fit for the role.

4. Don’t assume they’ll ask you for questions

Asking your own questions gives you a better understanding of the company, allowing you to assess whether you’re a good fit for the role. Just as importantly, it shows you’ve prepared for the interview and are interested in the company.

Asking a candidate if they have any questions is a natural way to end an interview, but your interviewer might forget. If you aren’t given the opportunity to ask questions, then simply bring it up yourself.

And ask smart questions.


The advice hasn’t changed: Be prepared

Ultimately the advice to job seekers hasn’t changed: Be prepared. But don’t just be prepared for interviewers who can guide you through a successful interview; be prepared for those who may be thwarting your chances without even realizing it. Prepare for every situation by having mock interviews with senior working professionals in the field you have applied for or with an expert who is in the role you are looking to get into.


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