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Interview Tips - things not to do

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Just as there are things you should do for a successful interview outcome, there are interview don’ts that you should be aware of. Let’s have a look.

Don’t say negative things about former supervisors, colleges, or employers. This is as simple as it gets. Never talk ill of your employers, it sets a bad example about your attitude.

Don't be underprepared - Always be prepared for any kind of situation. Practice what you are going to say, practice in front of the mirror, give mock interviews to experts from the field you have applied for.


Never answer a simple “yes” or “no” – Give an answer that is explanatory.

Don’t smoke – Avoid smoking before your interview. Make sure to have fresh breath for your interview.

Don’t speak quietly – Rather than being soft spoken speak with authority and confidence.

Don’t chew gum while in the interview. Well you know this.

Don’t be too open – You should not talk about family or personal problems. You are in an interview to discuss about your skills, job, growth, roles and responsibilities and your abilities to do the job for the company, not to discuss your personal problems.

Don’t leave your cell phone on – Turn off cell phones or at least keep it in silent mode (do not have it in vibration mode as well because when the phone vibrates everybody can hear it). Don’t answer texts or calls.

Don’t tell jokes unless you can pull off a healthy joke based on the situation.


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