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63% of employees are unsatisfied with their careers and do not see any career growth

If you do not happen to like your job, then you are one of the thousands of people out there. According to a global survey, for every 'engaged worker' out there, there two 'disengaged workers'. That is an alarming statistic!

Since the late 1990s, Gallup has been measuring international employee satisfaction through a survey and in total it has polled 25 million employees in 189 different countries. The latest version, released this week, gathered information from 230,000 full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries.

Overall, it has been studied that only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs. That means this 13% of the work force like what they do, they like going to their jobs everyday, are passionate and are genuinely committed to making a difference through their work.

The vast majority, some 63%, are “not engaged,” meaning they are unhappy but not drastically so. In short, they’re checked out. They sleepwalk through their days, putting little energy into their work and would rather do personal projects or spend time on 'non productive' work rather than engaging themselves with meaningful work. Hence, they do not see any career growth, are stuck doing what they are doing, and feel frustrated more often than not. These people stick around so that they are getting their monthly salaries.

And 24% of the work force 'actively disengaged' meaning they absolutely hate their job, keep complaining all the time, are not connected to the vision of the company and pretty much do not achieve much in their careers. These kind of people keep shifting their jobs regularly without finding happiness or job satisfaction. 

So 'not engaged' + 'actively disengaged' is a whopping 87% of the workforce who are less than 100% productive, are not adding much value to their organizations or to themselves. 

It is pretty evident that the 13% of the 'actively engaged' personnel enjoy their work, get promoted and are genuinely satisfied with their work - because, the job is in sync with their interests, they have the required aptitude, developed the required skills to achieve their goals.

They understand their personalities better than the others, what are their strengths, their weaknesses and hence they are able to choose the careers that they know is right for them by selecting the right educational streams through proper analysis and guidance from the seniors.


What we can take away from this? It is important to start planning early, to ensure one chooses the right career based on his/her interests, talent, passion and motivation. Our education system is designed in such a way that once a student selects a stream after the 10th class, he/she has to follow the defined path irrespective of their liking or interest. However, if the student selects the right course, he/she can actually study the subjects he/she like and go on to create a winning career path filled with career satisfaction.

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