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The Odd Even Rule

The world’s most polluted city’s odd-even rule came into effect yesterday and the pollutants in Delhi’s air dipped by 10% according to SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research). However, the pollutant level rose sharply towards the evening as the temperature fell.

Is this move to curb pollution the only solution or is it one of the many solutions? But it is high time we did something about the pollution in our metros and it is good that we have started somewhere.

On a lighter note, don't you think we should also look at how odd-even rule can be implemented in our everyday lives. Each one of us has dreams that we aspire for but we are marred by 'noise' that distracts us, demotivates us and discourages us to try out new moves. How many times have we not thought about pursuing an MBA or doing an MS or learning that new technology or get serious about a hobby that we are good at? But we are always stopped by our current jobs and work life that we don't muster the courage to reach out

The first step in this entire process is to do your research on something that you like and want to pursue. Talk to folks who have already done that, share your inhibitions and take the next step to move ahead

When it comes to your career, take out the odds and give it an even chance!

Get Started! Time is now!

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