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How I came to be a part of Guidic

A lot of people have been asking me what I am up to these days and what is Guidic?

After leaving EA, I moved to Bangalore to start up and this start up is called Guidic. And what is Guidic? It stands for Guidance In Confusion. Our aim is to connect people with confusions to experts who can solve their confusions/problems/dilemmas etc. As simple as that.



Confusions, problems, issues…..that are always there but it is harder to find solutions to them as well.

We have always had confusions while growing up, MS or MBA? Which job would be best for me? Which field would be good for the kind of person I am? Am not able to see career progression, who can help me out?

We have all been there and we know how frustrating it can be to be waking up every day with such confusions and not be able to find solutions to them quickly enough. We can talk to our friends and colleagues or even relatives but has that helped enough? We only got redirected to their friends or relatives who were hardly interested in our confusions or even bothered as to what we were going through. And more than the bother of not finding the solution for our problems, this treatment was more annoying.

So the first step to solve this was to create a bridge to fill this gap of having access to people who with their experience, knowledge and expertise can help us out. A single place where we can find experts from different domains. Where people with different kind of problems and confusions can choose the relevant expert, talk to them and take better decisions.

We all keep making decisions and taking important decisions are hard because they pave the way for the rest of your life. Even small decisions can have a major impact in the future if we do not put enough thought into them. Remember the concept of The Butterfly Effect?

What do we want to do? What do we want from life?

And honestly, how many of us would have done our engineering if we had known what we really wanted from life? Most of us did not even knew even if we wanted to get into engineering in the first place. We were just going with the flow. It was like the first step to land a job in the IT field, find placements with companies like Infosys or Satyam or HCL etc. But how many of us really like our job now? How many of us within a few months or even a couple of years realized this is not what we wanted to do.  How many of us figured out that coding or testing is not what we wanted to do but management is fun, so an MBA then? How many of us figured out that IT is not the domain we want to be in, so which domain? Get into Wedding Photography? Try out Digital Marketing? Film making? Content writing? Product Management? Sales? Do something in Travel? So many things we feel like we can do and want to do but it is hard to get up from our bottoms and ask ourselves what do we really want to do?

Yes it is hard to ask ourselves that now because we are now ‘grown ups’, professionals. What is the cost to start all over again? Time to settle down, be responsible, take care of parents, get a flat, get a car etc. But at the end of the day, what if we are not having fun with what we are doing? Where is the motivation to do well? How many of us are engaged with what we do and because there is a lack in our motivation, fun and engagement levels at our work places, how many of us are learning and growing and going up the career ladder and most importantly adding value to ourselves and our companies?

 Wish I had syndrome

All this boils down to the one thing that we keep saying to ourselves and live in denial to avoid thinking about it and keep ourselves ‘fake happy’ – wish I had

Wish I had known what I wanted earlier, I would have not chosen engineering. Wish I could have convinced my parents that I wanted to get into content writing and not BSc Computers. Wish I had the confidence to leave my job and get into photography full time. Remember Madhavan’s character in 3 Idiots?

Surprisingly (and sadly) a lot of us live with this thought and most of us are ok with this. It is not meant to be, it is destiny, that’s how it is supposed to be, everybody else is living like this. We tell ourselves all kinds of reasons to not go into that place of our minds and keep ourselves ‘busy (read distracted)’ with anything and everything else.

It is always good to ask the hard questions when we have problems and confusions, find the source to end them and not be in a state where we are constantly thinking - wish I had. It is hard to live with that thought forever and life is not worth it.

This has motivated us to build this start up. We know how painful frustrations are and we know it is even more frustrating when we can’t find the right people to guide us.

And that is how we came up with Guidic.

Our aim is to build a network of experts with whom anybody with any kind of confusion with their careers and education can talk to us, choose an expert and find solutions to take better and informed decisions paving the way for a better life, the life we always dreamt of.


I am Nehal and this is how I came to be a part of Guidic.

I am doing multiple things at Guidic as of now, including making the evening tea which is one my primary responsibilities. (well you know how starts up can be ;))

Feel free to reach out to me if you have a message or a question for me.

Do check out our site and leave us a feedback.

Thank you for reading. We are a young start up called Guidic and we take confusions seriously. Our aim is to enable you to have access to Quality Guidance from verified experts across various fields so that you can take informed and better decisions in the fields of career and education to lead a confusion free life. 

Feel free to check out our verified experts. We choose our experts with a lot of consideration and based on their knowledge, experience and contributions towards their respective fields.

Please spread the word and like us if you like our idea :)

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