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For us to make a decision, the public debates!

Isn't it true for most of us?

We are unsure if we want to go for an MBA or an MS. If we want to for an MBA then should you go for it right after your graduation or gain some work experience first?

If we want to go for an MS then in which field should we go for it?

But what do we do when are in this dilemma? We ask our friends of course. Then we ask their friends. Then we talk to our relatives. Try to get in touch with a person who is already doing that hoping he would talk to us with patience but that seldom happens. Our hopes are squashed and we are still at step 1. Despite spending so much energy and time trying to find people to talk to or at least find access to the people who can help us out.

And imagine - once we talk to our relatives, it spreads like wildfire and every relative irrespective of which field they belong to starts advising us as to what to do always referring someone else. Sharma ji ke ladke ne aise kiya tha, mere dost ki beti aisi ki thi, tum bhi aise hi karo. Then another relative joins the discussion, then another and it becomes public debate where everybody has a say in what you should do but you.

How would they understand what what we are going through and what our aspirations are.

And that is why, we have experts on Guidic to help you out with such dilemmas. Check out our verified experts, choose and expert to talk to and take that decision yourself. 

Lets not have your uncle or your neighbor or your uncles neighbor decide your future for you. Talk to a verified expert who can help you make the best decision. So why wait? Get Started.

P.S. Thank you for reading. We are a young start up called Guidic and we take confusions seriously. Our aim is to enable you to have access to Quality Guidance from verified experts across various fields so that you can take informed and better decisions in the fields of career and education to lead a confusion free life. 

Feel free to check out our verified experts. We choose our experts with a lot of consideration and based on their knowledge, experience and contributions towards their respective fields.

Please spread the word and like us if you like our idea :)

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