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With a little support and guidance, a poor mans daughter cracks MBBS

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Celebrated writer Paulo Coelho’s oft-quoted philosophy finds a resonance in the success story of Reshma. One of the six children of a man who does temporary, odd jobs to make both ends meet, she has made it to a medical college in Belgaum with the help of a learning centre.

Getting a seat in a medical college on the basis of merit, mind you, is not an easy task by any measure. That Reshma, a resident of Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar in the city, made it despite her odds adds to the magnitude of her achievement. She secured 1,513th rank in the Common Entrance Test (CET) and earned a seat in an MBBS college in Belgaum.

She tells dna she always wanted to be a doctor, not to make money, but to serve the disadvantaged sections of the society. “I have seen many people in our area suffering from various ailments. They are struggling to buy medicines and pay consultation fee. I want to serve such people free of cost after becoming a doctor,” the soon-to-be MBBS students says when asked why she chose this profession.

Her family is jubilant upon her achievement, even though it means she will be staying away from home, in a hostel in a faraway place. Reshma says her parents and siblings are happy and encouraging her to aim for the stars. She says she is confident of completing her medical education with distinction.

A helping hand
Her dream of serving the needy would have remained just a mirage, had it not been for the intervention of Christel House Learning Center. She expresses gratitude towards the institute, for it volunteered to provide her with educational support. The institute helped her with her pre-university (PU) education, as well as helped her write the CET. The centre also backed her financially.

The institute was set up in 2001 in Bangalore. Currently, it is supporting 909 children, right from kindergarten to class XII. The children hail from low-income neighbourhoods and slums. The institute helps students pursue degree and diploma courses as well as finding them jobs.

Raju Shahani, managing director, Christel House Learning Center, says Reshma joined their institute when she entered the PU. He says her brightness shone through and the institute decided to encourage her to pursue her childhood dream. He says the institute is happy to support Reshma in her endeavour. Her brother is studying SSLC at the institute.

Having made good use of the support she received, Reshma is now looking forward to making most of the opportunity she has earned.

We at Guidic salute the spirit of this young lady who with her determination and persistence, achieved her goal with a little guidance. If you are also looking for guidance to propel yourself in the right direction, talk to us.


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