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A Wednesday

Its Wednesday.

Fact: Wednesdays are the most productive days of the week.

Another fact: Wednesdays are the days when most of the working population contemplate their career choices and even their lives.

These are actually based on a study. 

At the start of the week, most of us have renewed energy and are back from a weekend so we are just catching up with work, checking our emails, meeting and discussing about weekend adventures with our colleagues and friends.

Tuesdays are the days when we start getting into the 'groove'. Since we have made a plan for the week, we can now start focusing on the job in front of us.

Wednesdays are the days when we are able to absolutely focus on our work, give it our best because we are not completely in the 'groove'. We are out of the weekend mood we carry on the Mondays, and we are out of the Tuesday mood of where we are just getting serious about the work.

Thursdays are again a replica of Tuesdays but this time, we are happy with our work and achievements on the Wednesday. So we have accomplished a major part of the work on a single day and we start looking forward for the Friday.

Fridays - do you need to know about how we spend our Fridays? We all know that right? Of course some of us still have loads of work and may be the news of weekend work is given to us today but again, even if we are working on a Friday, how focused and productive are we on a Friday? Let's not debate that.

And then the weekend. (I have to work on the weekends as well but that will be different post later :|)

Anyways, the point of this post?

Most of us put in so much effort on our daily job especially on Wednesday's. And most of us also contemplate our career choices on Wednesdays as well when our work is not really appreciated or when there is no time for anything else that we want to do.

How many of us have been happy when we got placed in leading tech companies but are now not sure of it was the right decision. 

How many of us went for Java classes to get a job in the IT field only to realize that our passion is something else and what is even more sad is that just a handful of us realize this. But again, we also need to be practical after a certain age with responsibilities that it becomes too 'late' to do what we love. And live a life of regret and get used to life like everybody else with distractions to keep away those regretful thoughts.

A Wednesday - This Wednesday, we ask you to find your passion. We all are different and have different dreams, different passions. 


P.S. Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. We are  called Guidic and we take confusions seriously. Our aim is to enable you to have access to Quality Guidance from verified experts across various fields so that you can take informed and better decisions in the fields of career and education to lead a confusion free life. 
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