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The pressure of board exams

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Board exams are critical and important but must be taken like just another set of exams. The kind of pressure not just the students but also the parents undergo is enormous. 

The stress here is not really about the exams that the students have to give but it is that of the results, the expectations the parents and the relatives have from the students.

Your parents have high hopes from you because you have worked hard and see you are constantly studying and doing night outs with your friends. Your relatives do not really understand the pressure you are going through and all they can do is compare you to someone else they know telling, 'arey my colleagues son is studying for more than 15 hours a day, has scored 95% in his school exams', or 'my daughter is taking special tuitions and has completed the whole syllabus 5 times, she will top the boards for sure'.


And one cannot help but get confused when you hear such things 'completed syllabus 5 times', 'studying for 15 hours a day'. But it is absolutely OK to get a little nervous - they are after all the board exams and the hype that this country & society creates is probably right next the the hype about IPL or World Cup Cricket. Well we have been designed that way.

So the best way to keep you cool is to not to think too much about the boards (easier said than done), so we have some tips for you:

1. Do not listen to your relatives, the nerds/geeks who call you and tell you that they have revised the whole syllabus 100 times (remember Chatur from 3 Idiots?)

2. Understand that your brain can only take so much in a day - so plan your study times, your breaks and your recreational activities accordingly.

3. Do not just study the whole day - This is the most important point in this list. By constantly taking in information, your brain will get tired after which it force you will start looking for distractions leading to procrastination which is very dangerous. It is highly suggested you take breaks to watch TV for a few minutes or go for a walk, or play your favourite sport for a few minutes to give yourself a break and then get back to study. Studies have shown that the brain is able to gather more information and help you understand your subjects better by taking frequent study breaks.


The point of a study break is to get the mind rejuvenated so that you can refocus on the task at hand when it’s time to get back to work. A good study break consists of an activity that allows you to take your mind off studying and not use it for a little while. This period of disuse can reinvigorate your brain so that you are ready to come back to your work and attack it with renewed energy!

4. Do not compare yourself to others, always remember to finish and understand one chapter before going to the next one, write down the most important points of the chapter you have just read (yes, write them down, dont be lazy), ask your parents or friends to ask you questions about your subjects randomly and you have to answer them.

5. Most importantly, always remember that it is not the end of the world. Millions have given these exams through out the years and are doing well in their studies and careers. This is just an exam and there will be many more of such exams and even more important ones in life that you will figure out a way to succeed. 

So always remember, all the education, the training you have received so far is just to figure out ways to deal with problems in your life and you are more than equipped to face the challenges & problems that come your way. So don't worry too much, you will be just fine and this is just a small obstacle for now.

Good Luck!

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