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What is Career Assessment and why you need it?

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The goal of a career assessment

The goal of a career assessment is to evaluate the qualities and talents of an individual. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What could you improve and which talents can you use in your career? What interests you and which job would fit you best? A career assessment test is the tool that helps you identify your strengths and the right counselling and mentoring will help you further enhance your skills.

Above all, a career assessment can help you with your career choices. It is intended not as much as a test of your abilities, but as a tool that will allow you, as the employee, to make the most of yourself and your career. Would you not like to know which job would fit you best and take an informed decision and win at your career? 


The components of a career assessment are largely similar to those of a selection assessment, but they tend to be of a more career specific nature. The career assessment test primarily 'tests' you on 4 major factors - Interest, Personality, Motivation and Aptitude. 

Assessment report

The career assessment concludes with an assessment report that discusses the most important conclusions. The report gives a clear overview of abilities, interests and talents and constitutes a sound career advice for the candidate. As the candidate you will have the opportunity to inspect the report, learn about your overall personality and about the career choices best suited for you. 

Further to it, you will receive guidance from a career counsellor and from a domain specific expert to help you create a plan for your higher studies/career switch/career progression.

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