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What is the RIGHT CAREER for me?
What should I choose after my 10th standard? Should I go for Math or Science or Arts or Commerce? I am not sure what would be the right option for me!
I am good at Math, should I take up Maths and Science? But I am interested in Medicine, what should I do?
Is Engineering good for me? Which branch should I take up? Everybody says CSE or ECE but am not too keen. What should I do?
If these are your thoughts, then we will help you take an Informed Decision with our Psychometric Assessment Tests to understand your true Potential & Interests

Suitable for All Age Groups
Scientifically approved test, created by Psychologists, Counsellors & Researchers for Indian diaspora
Identify which career is right for you based on your Interests, Aptitude, Personality and Motivation
A 12 page report to help you identify your ideal career – Check Sample Report

I want to take up engineering but I am not sure which branch to select from. Is IT or CS best for? But I never understood code! Should I go for ECE or take up core subjects like EEE or Mechanical?
With close to 30+ branches in Engineering it is tough to know which branch would be ideally suited for your personality, aptitude and career motivation
It is always best to identify which branch of engineering will take your career to great heights rather than settling for any other branch and regret it later

Suitable for 11th and 12th Students
A Psychometric test to help you understand the right engineering branch for you based on your Career Interests, Skill and Potential
The test consists of 4 fundamental segments – Spatial, Closure, Mechanical and Logical Aptitude
Created by Psychologists, Academic Counsellors and Psychiatrists
A comprehensive report to help you identify the branch is suitable for you – Check Sample Report

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