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Call Us Now at +91 9108284458


What exactly is Guidic?

Guidic is the platform where people with confusions related to their career and education can connect with relevant experts to speak with them and get their confusions sorted.

So how does Guidic work?

Anybody who has a confusion related to their career or education can come to us, look at the experts onboard with Guidic, select an expert to talk to and that is it.

So what is a confusion here?

A confusion can be anything like - I have 5 years of work experience and want to pursue higher education, what are the best options for me or I have just started my career but can't relate to it, I want to do something else or I am in my 3rd year of engineering and not sure if I want to go for an MS or an MBA.

Sample confusions:

  1. I am Chinta Kumar and I have completed 4 years in IT industry and am not able to move ahead in my career. I am from EEE background and got into IT through campus placement, now am confused what to do next.
  2. I have completed my engineering in CS and I want to pursue higher studies. But am not sure if I should gain some work experience first or go for an MS right away.
  3. I want to go for an MBA but I can't leave my job. I have done my BTech in IT and am currently working in mobile development, I want to move into management and I feel an MBA is the right option for me. What are my options and what is the best thing to do in my case?

How will I choose an expert?

You can go through the list of experts and choose the most relevant expert you think can help you out with your confusion. The experts we have on board are some of the finest in their domains and you can read up their profiles and check their availability before making a booking. Alternatively, you could also choose to ask the expert a query via Email. If you are still confused, you can chat with us or email us at

Who is an expert here?

We choose our experts based on their expertise in their fields, their contributions and their achievements. The experts on the Guidic platform are some of the best out there, they are knowledgeable, experienced and are leaders in their fields. They are here to help you with your confusions and they are Guidic Verified.

And how will I talk to an expert?

There are 2 modes: Telephonic Appointment or Ask Expert. If you choose telephonic appointment, then you need to choose a slot based on availability. Upon successful booking of an expert by you, you will receive details via email and SMS of the appointment. You will be making a call to a number provided in those details which will connect you with the chosen expert.

Make sure you call from the same number you have registered while booking an appointment with the expert. This way we will know that it is you who are calling and we can patch you with your chosen expert instantly.

On the other hand, if you choose Ask Expert, you can ask the expert a query via Email. You can email the expert twice. Once the expert responds to your query, you can send a follow-up email. The expert will reply to your emails in 36 hours

What is the duration of this telephonic call?

Each call is allotted 30-45 minutes. We suggest you make the best use of the available time to discuss about your confusion and give enough time to the expert to help you out.

And my confusion will be cleared at the end of the call?

Ideally, yes. The average duration of successful calls on our platform till now has been 23 minutes where the user and the expert were able to discuss about the confusion, talk about the different options and help the user make an informed decision.

What if I need more time?

We would encourage you to complete your discussion in the allotted time. If the time was not sufficient, then you can write to us and we will guide you on what to do next.

What if am not satisfied with the guidance?

If you are not happy with the guidance provided then please let us know within 48 hours of your call with the expert and we will refund your money. Please do read about our Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Are you a placement assistance cell?

No, we are not a placement assistance cell but a guidance platform. This platform is to connect with experts and speak to them about your confusions and find solutions to your confusions. We are strictly not a placement assistance cell and we would advise you not to ask our experts for placements.

Are there any charges to book an appointment?

Yes, there are charges to book an appointment and the charges vary with experts.  These charges are used to provide a high quality service overall to you and our users.

In case you have more questions, please write to us at

If not,  then Why Wait, Get Started!!

Resume Writing FAQ's

 What is Resume Writing?

Resume Writing is a service offering to create high impact resumes highlighting your core competencies, skills, strengths and achievements. 

This service is available for five different levels. 

  1. Entry Level (0-1 year)
  2. Mid Level (1-5 years)
  3. Senior Level (5-10 years)
  4. Experienced Level (10-15 years)
  5. Executive Level (15+ years)

What is the benefit of this service?

Having your resume validated and written by experts who are industry professionals, who recruit and interview people themselves will ensure that you are getting your resume done by the best people out there. For example, if you are looking to get into project management, then having your resume validated and prepared by a Project Management expert will make it stand out from the crowd for sure. 

What is the process of resume writing?

Once you upload your resume and give us a few details, we will assign an expert from your relevant field of experience. The first draft of the resume will be validated and written by an expert which will be sent for your approval. If you need any changes, you can let us know and we will make changes that is best suited for your resume as per your experience and job hunt. 

What are the main features of your service?

  • Unlike other resume writing websites, we do not employ general resume writers, we have actual industry professionals who have studied in elite colleges and work in good roles to write your resume
  • We are currently priced lower than the rest of them. So its high quality at a Value for money price
  • We offer multiple revisions on your resume till you are satisfied and also a full refund if you are unhappy
  • We also provide 60 day extended support after delivery of your final draft. So you can come back to us for changes or modifications
  • We are the fastest in the market to complete your resume by sending your first draft in less than 2 days

What other services do you offer?

We also offer Cover Letter Writing and Social Profile Writing services. You can find them on our resume writing service page

How much time does it take to complete the resume?

Once you make the booking, an expert will be assigned to you within a day and the expert will call you to understand your requirements. Once thats done, the expert will send the first draft of the resume within 2-3 days. We also offer express services and complete the resume in 36 hours

How can i be sure about the quality of the resume?

As we said, we have experts who are industry professionals who write your resume. All our experts are highly experienced and we do not employ general resume writers like other do. Also, the founders of the company are from elite schools like IIM, XLRI, IIT etc and it is one of our core values of providing service of the highest quality

What if I am unhappy with the final draft?

You can still write back to us and we will ensure you have the best, high impact resume possible. We do however request our users to be very clear and specific with their needs for their resume as it will help both our experts in writing the resumes with all required information readily available and we can hand over the resumes to our users as quickly as possible.

Can I get in touch with my resume writing expert?

Your expert will call you within 24 hours. After that you can be in constant touch with the expert. At any time you can write to with the subject line RESUME WRITING or call us on 9108284458 

Interview Prep FAQ's

What is Interview Prep Service?

Interview Preparation Service by Guidic is a first and one of its kind offering in India. You will be mock interviewed by actual industry and domain specific experts. We are not just another Interview Prep Service (btw, there are hardly any such services out there like ours) 

What is different with this service?

Imagine you are applying for the role of Product Manager. We will appoint a Product Manager from our pool of experts to take you mock interview/s, give you an instant and written feedback and also guide you on where you need to improve to crack that interview

That is interesting! Looks helpful.

Yes, similarly we have 40+ experts from 13 fields so almost anybody can gain from our services. And we are the first of its kind to bring you such a service in India. 

Who all can avail your services?

Everybody who is looking to give an interview at any point in their lives:

  • For Students - College Admission Interview Prep and Guidance
  • For Fresher’s – Placement Interview Prep and Guidance
  • For Professionals – who are looking for Job Promotion or a Career Switch
  • For B-School Aspirants – Mock Interviews for IIM’s, XLRI, ISB or any other B School

Even for B-Schools like IIM’s?

Yes, we have experts who have passed out from IIT’s, BITS, IIM, XLRI, ISB, NIFT, NID etc. who are all in senior positions in different companies and have a combined experience of 1000+ interviews. And most of them interview and recruit senior candidates for their organizations so you can be sure of the quality

So how does it work?

  • You select the type of mock interview you are looking for
  • You upload your resume and select the appropriate package as per your requirement
  • You enter your message with respect to your requirement, expectations etc.
  • Once the payment is completed, you will receive a call from our Customer Care team to further understand your requirements and a senior expert from your field will be assigned to you accordingly
  • You give your mock interview to the expert and receive feedback, tips and guidance from the expert

 Will I be meeting the expert for mock interview?

All our mock interviews are conducted either via all or skype. The reason is that our experts are all working professionals and for them to take out time to travel and meet in person would be difficult. Also, our experts are from different cities so logistically it is not possible.

Also, since most of the interviews today are done via a call or skype, wo it would add to the overall experience

How will I get the feedback?

You will receive an instant feedback once your interview is done. You will also receive an assessment sheet from the expert clearly mentioning your strengths, weaknesses and what you need to work on. You can also request for an audio recording on your interview which many have found useful. Check out our sample assessment document

What if am unhappy with the overall experience?

We have 100% satisfaction rate based on our customer feedback. However, if you are not satisfied, then we urge you to write to us at within 48 hours of availing the service and we will get back to you


What is Guidic Assessment Program?

The Guidic Assessment Program is a Guidance program consisting of scientifically approved tests and sessions with Career Counsellors to help you identify your key strengths and choose the ideal stream after your 10th class and the ideal engineering branch for you based on multiple factors like your skills, personality and aptitude

So how does it work?

First, you are required to take an assessment test that will analyze your personality, your career interests, your motivations etc. Once the test is completed, you will instantly receive a report which is easy to comprehend and our Career Counsellors will help you understand the report further and counsel you accordingly

Ok, sound interesting, but does it really work?

These are scientific tests used nationally by a number of Institutions, Organizations, Psychologists and Career Counsellors to help individuals choose their ideal Career Path. Our tests are based on the renowned MBTI and RSI which are the foremost assessment tests created. These tests have been customized for Indian students and professionals

How Career Assessments work?

Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. Assessments of some or all of these attributes are often used by individuals or organizations, such as university career service centers, career counselors, companies, corporate human resources staff, executive coaches, and guidance counselors to help individuals make more informed career decisions.

Career assessments are designed to discover the skills, aptitude and talents of candidates. A self-assessment can be a useful tool in assessing the areas in which a candidate has strengths and limitations. The results can be useful in helping candidates to choose a career that is in tune with their goals and talents. While the validation of each instrument may vary from test to test, overall these types of assessments have been proven to introduce more career options, increase satisfaction in one’s career plan and increase the understanding of oneself

What is the process?

You need to select the Ideal Career Test or the Engineering Branch Selector Test according to your requirements and proceed to select a package that is suitable to you and complete the payment. Upon successful payment, you will receive an email from Guidic with the link to take the test, further steps along with a coupon which you need to apply on our partner website

Proceed to take the test which usually takes 45 minutes (remember there is no right or wrong answers in these tests).

Once the test is completed, you will be prompted with a payment option where you will have to use the coupon code provided to you over email. You can download your own report to understand the best career path or the suggested engineering branch for you. Check our sample reports here

Who all can take this program? 

The Ideal Career Test has been designed for everybody and anybody can benefit with this assessment test in identifying their ideal career path and it is highly recommended for students in their 9th and 10th

And the Engineering Branch Selector is ideal for students in their 11th and 12t. This is because it is important to understand your own personality and drivers and take the right decision about your studies and hence your career with expert guidance. One right decision today, a bright career and future tomorrow is what we believe.

Read what our users have to say about the program

What if I am not sure of the program?

You can check out the sample report which talks about the critical parameters of one’s personality, career drivers and suitable career paths. You can also check out user reviews and comments. Do check out our Career Counsellors who with their expertise, knowledge and experience have counselled, guided and helped hundreds of youngsters in identifying their strengths and making an informed decision.

What if am unhappy with the service?

We have 100% satisfaction rate so fat. However, if you are not satisfied, you can write to us at and we will get back to you within 48 hours

Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with our program, we urge you to write to us at stating the points you were unsatisfied with and we will try to resolve them. If you are still unhappy, then as per our policy, we will initiate a 30% refund of the booking amount within 3-4 working days