GUIDIC – Personality Test Questionnaire
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1. At a social gathering, do you:
 Interact with many, including strangers
 Interact with a few, known to you
2. Are you more:
 Realistic than speculative
 Speculative than realistic
3. Is it worse to:
 Have your 'head in the clouds'
 Be in a 'rut'
4. Are you more impressed by
5. During discussions, are you more drawn
 Towards the convincing story
 Towards the touching story
6. Do you prefer to work
 To deadlines
 Just 'Whenever'
7. Do you tend to choose
 Rather carefully
 Somewhat impulsively
8. At parties do you
 Stay late with increasing energy
 Leave early with decreasing energy
9. Are you more attracted to
 Sensible people
 Imaginative people
10. Are you more interested in
 What is actual
 What is possible