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Sample confusions

 My son who is currently in the 10th standard is interested in pursuing Design but we are not sure of the field and we do not have any sources find about this field. Can you help us meet an expert in this field?

- Guidic helped them talk to our expert Prateek who has a Masters from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and is currently working as a Sr. User Experience Designer in Urban Ladder. The parents were happy that they were able to talk to an expert working in the Design field and got all the information and guidance they were looking for.


I have 10 years of experience in the IT industry and am going through a patch where I don't know where am headed in life. My work doesn't excite me anymore and want to venture out into other fields. I am looking for a career counselor with whom I can talk to and find out what ventures I can explore.

- Guidic connected him to Dr. B. Giasuddin who is the Associate VP of Hershey India. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of HR and is a trained professional in Emotional Intelligence. After talking to Dr. B. Giasuddin, he was able to get back his confidence, find out about the opportunities and make a fresh start.


I have 5 years of experience in Mainframes and I am unable to see any growth in my current company. I am thinking of going for an MBA but am not sure if this is the right time. What are the different opportunities that I can look into? What is the value creation if am going for an executive MBA?

- Guidic connected her to Imtiaz who is currently working as a Product Manager at IBM. He has done his MBA in IIM-K. Imtiaz was able to help her out by understanding her situation, her background, what was she looking for in an MBA program and guided her with relevant information about executive MBA, opportunities after it and offered her career guidance.