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Call Us Now at +91 9108284458
6 Reasons as to Why You should book with Us!

REASON 1: Because we are the first company to connect you with career guidance experts personally verified by GUIDIC without any location constraints and a strong refund policy
REASON 2: Because GUIDIC is also the first company where industry experts from top universities write resumes and prepare you for job interviews or admission interviews for young and experienced professionals
REASON 3: Because we are transparent. You can now view experts' profile and choose an expert before talking to them and have a meaningful discussion

REASON 4: Because our verified experts are inclined on guiding you and helping you out with your careers by giving you personal attention that you require be it guidance or resume writing or interview preparation
REASON 5: Because Rs. 499 can buy you 2 movie tickets, a meal at a hotel. But the Rs. 499 that you spend here to talk to an expert or get your resume written will guide you and help you grow
REASON 6: And finally, you will make an informed decision and use their expertise by talking to our experts and thank them some day for providing the right guidance at the right time

Read what our customers have to say about GUIDIC

Career Guidance

"I am an IT employee working in Mainframes for the past few years. I wanted to move to a better role but didn't know how. I came across Guidic through my company's internal portal and reached out to them. They connected me to a senior professional who provided me with newer options. I will work on them now. I appreciate the new concept"

Akshay, Noida

"My daughter wanted to pursue fashion designing, but I was not sure about it. I came across Guidic through google and they guided me to the right expert who had studied in NIFT. We had 30 minute session with her and she cleared all our doubts. Now, I am more confident about my daughter's career"

Anjali Bhandari, Mumbai

"My career has been a mixed bag. I switched from one field to the other in the last few years and have finally decided on the finance sector. I was looking to speak to someone who had a good knowledge in the finance domain. I saw Guidic's post on FB and was interested in the concept. The 30 minute talk with the expert has now given me more clarity"

Bhawesh, Gurgaon

"I have 2 years of experience in IT financial sector. I was confused between doing an MBA or learning a new technology. I consulted my seniors, followed Quora but didn't get any help. Guidic was referred to me by a colleague and I found a deeper approach by talking to their expert. Glad I could take an informed decision"

Umesh, Hyderabad

"I had to quit my job due to personal reasons. Now i want to get back to building a career after a gap of 2 years. I was not sure on how to start and whom to approach. I came know about Guidic from google. Initially I was apprehensive about discussing my personal issues but the expert made me comfortable. Now, i have options to start my career"

Amrita, Mysore

Resume Writing & Interview Preparation

"I have been working for the last 23 years with the same company and i was looking to get my technical resume written as i was planning to look to for external opportunities. An Expert from guidic wrote my resume and I am very happy with it. I would definitely suggest it to others"

Pradeep, Bangalore

"I was preparing for a job interview with a bank. A banking expert from guidic took my mock interview and i was able to prepare well after the feedback. The service was exactly what i had expected for"

Purushottam, Mumbai

"I have 6 years of experience in sales, but I never thought I was in the right company. I wanted to start my job search and prepare but did not have time as i had to travel a lot. Guidic experts wrote my resume and also took my mock interview. Without this practise it would have been really tough for me and they did a really good job"

Deepika, Bangalore

"Thanks to the team and the expert who helped me out. I had many projects in my resume and I did not know how to show all of it effectively. It looks neat and clean now. The new points mentioned by the expert were also of great help as I had not thought of it"

Sakshi Khanna, Delhi

"I had a job interview with a bank and I was not sure on how to prepare. I always thought of working for this bank. It was a chance I received after a lot of hardwork and I was very nervous. Then I approached guidic through google search and the customer service on chat was very helpful. They listened patiently to everything that i said and suggested that i book interview preparation with them. They also offered me a refund if i was not happy. The mock interview was good and boosted my confidence. I have recommended this to my friends as well. Thanks guidic"

Vikram, Pune

Listen to an audio of a counseling session by our expert on how a Xth standard student convinced his parents to pursue design

These comments not only talk of our service but also keep inspiring us and making us believe that we are here to help people make better informed decisions and lead better lives.

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