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What is the Right Career for me? Identifying Your Ideal Career starts here!
What should I choose after my board exams? Should I go for Math or Science or Arts or Commerce? I am not sure what would be the right option for me!
I am good at Math, should I take up Maths and Science? But I am interested in Medicine, what should I do?
Is Engineering good for me? Which branch should I take up? Everybody says CSE or ECE but am not too keen. What should I do?
If these are your thoughts, then we will help you take an Informed Decision with our Psychometric Assessment Tests to understand your true Potential & Interests

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Ideal Career Test - Sample Report

How does Ideal Career Test Work?

The Ideal Career Test will test you on your Aptitude, Interests, Personality and Motivation

Aptitude: This section tests your verbal, numerical, literacy, deductive reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning spatial and acuteness aptitude
Interest: Find out your career motivators to ensure you identify the right career path based on the RIASEC theory
Personality: This section helps you map your personality type to the right career path while considering the results of the the other three segments – Aptitude, Interest and Motivation
Motivation: This section helps you identify the top 3 motivating factors for you to perform better in your career

The Ideal Career Test Report is a trusted and verified report. Based on the results of the above four critical segments, it will help you identify the best career path for you

How It Works?

Step 1
Make an Online Booking
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